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Indecent Lesson

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Nonton Movie – Indecent Lesson (2014)

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Indecent Lesson

Nonton Movie – Indecent Lesson (2014)

Kategori: 18+, Adult, Asia, Film semi, Japan, Romance

Release: 2014

Info IMDB: 6.5

Bintang: Azusa Sakai

Deskripsi: After his father died, Hiroki is responsible for the mother’s income alone. Hiroki is a sympathizer who was bullied during school days. In his dreams, the same woman always appears. The ideal type of Hiroki is Azusa. It is his imaginary woman. One day, my mother hired a tutor for Hiroki, but he was a geek from Tokyo, Hiroki is only annoyed by his Spartan education. And at night I sneak away in the streets I meet my alumni, Also, when he is in danger of being hit without a reason, Kana suddenly appears and rescues him. She is the same as Arisa in her dream of Hiroki, and Hiroki is surprised, She goes to the hotel along with her grandmother, but as a sympathetic man, he wanders and buys a ridicule. And suddenly a strange accident, a young and pretty girl teacher Sumiko who is looking for a house instead of a Tokyo university tutor, Hiroki is happy to study. But Smith is also suffering from a bad man. Because of his experience at a hotel in Kanawai, Hiroki learned the technique of love through Sumiko, Satisfied completely with Kana. And Smico also breaks up with the bad guy and finds a new love.

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