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Younger Sister, Ayaka

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Nonton Movie – Younger Sister, Ayaka (2016)

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Younger Sister, Ayaka

Nonton Movie – Younger Sister, Ayaka (2016)

Kategori: 18+, Adult, Asia, Dewasa, Film semi, Japan

Release: 2016

Info IMDB: 6.5

Bintang: Hikaru Hozuki, Tomo Anna

Deskripsi: It is a sexual love movie that depicts the story of a woman who loves a neighborhood brother who lives in a university and lives in the countryside. Ayaka was out of the country due to university entrance. Instead of living alone, she goes to the apartment of her older brother who was already in Tokyo. Ayaka, who follows a lot of her brother while hitting herself, has begun college life, but she does not have any close friends and she just spends her time alone. She is drawn to her like that. Ayaka does not deny Shimada but she does not get close to her. She gets drunk at the reception for a new student and spends her night. Then, when Ayaka’s older brother Inoue becomes acquainted with Manami, she is strangely strangled. Shimada, tired of her appearance, points out Ayaka’s selfishness and leaves her. Inoue, who has been involved in a complex mind between Inoue and Manami, confessed his love for his brother without any hesitation and went to the motel with Manami after pursuing Manami, who had stepped out of his seat.

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